In this article, I want to share something you really want to read. It is about taking charge of your mind. More than 90% of the calamities that befall an average man and woman on earth happens because people don’t know how to control their minds and their thought life. This is why I want to show you 3 great truths about the human mind, and how you can use these truths to control your mind and have a bright destiny.

Pastor Goodman's Article

Pastor Goodman's Articles

#1: Give Your Mind A Daily Focus

The first truth you must know about the human mind is that, the mind only goes in the direction of the focus you give it. If you do not give your mind any focus, it will assume a focus based on your predominant action of the day, even though that may never be your own intention or focus.

For instance, if you hang around where they play songs with sensual lyrics, even though you don’t have any intention to let the song take over your mind, your mind will still assume that the song is your focus, and the mind will grab that song and run with it as its own assignment and focus! That is why you hear useless songs being played over and again in your mind even days after you heard the song.

So what should you do under such situation in order to prevent your mind from assuming a wrong focus? Plug your ears with your earpiece and listen to the songs that you want your mind to take as its focus! Never forget this the longest day you live: Your mind only goes in the direction of the focus you give it; and if you don’t give the mind any focus, it assumes a focus based on your predominant actions. Read more on this in my eBook, How To Transform Your Destiny.

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#2: Repeat An Action And Your Mind Will Believe It!

The second eternal truth you must learn about the human mind as I explained in my eBook, How To Transform Your Destiny. is that, the mind doesn’t believe in a new experience or action, until it has been repeated many times! This is why many people believe the lie that they have been programmed to remain where they are. What a lie indeed!

What makes a person feel programmed or bound by certain habits is because their minds have stuck to such habits for many years, and wouldn’t let go of them. You see, if there is anything the mind hates, it is called ‘change’! The mind hates to let go of what it has been accustomed to for many years. However, God has provided avenues whereby we can change or renew our minds. It is by knowing the truth and acting on the truth repeatedly. Yes, you heard me well: acting on the truth REPEATEDLY!

Some years ago, my wife and I bought a piece of equipment to help us do some workouts at home. Each time I climbed that equipment, my mind would disagree with the action, “No, no, no, get down, you can’t do this rigorous exercise; you are not used to this!” Has your mind told you something similar before; especially when you’re venturing into a new phase of life?

That’s how the human mind behaves. You can only take control of the situation, if you keep at the action into which you want the mind renewed. And guess what the mind will do after some days or weeks that you’ve repeated the action. The mind will embrace the action and say, “Well, that’s OK; I believe this is possible.”

That’s how to control your mind and control your destiny for the better — Repeat an action based on the truth of God’s Word, and your mind will embrace and believe it!

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#3: Take The Mind Where You Want It To Go

The third truth that will help you take charge of your destiny through mind control is to do this: Take your mind where you want it to go! A wise woman once said, Where the mind goes, the man follows.  That’s a great truth! However, I have taught the people of God for many years that if they want to gain control of their mind, then they should start the renewing process of their mind by taking the mind where they want it to go.

When you keep taking the mind where you want it to go, after a while, the mind will be renewed to believe that is where it must always take you. For instance, if you sit down watching the television for 3 hours every evening, your mind would program that 3 hours; and you would become restless if within those hours you aren’t by the television.

However, if you want to convert those 3 hours of staying glued to the television to a period of reading the Bible and praying, then you have to start reading the Bible and praying within those 3 hours everyday; and after a while, your mind will program those 3 hours of the day for Bible reading and prayer!

What’s more, do you know that your mind programs the time you should get up from bed every morning? If you’ve always woken up by setting the alarm for 5am every morning, your mind programs 5am as your wake-up time such that, even if you stopped setting the alarm, you would just find yourself suddenly waking up by 5am every morning! That’s the power of a trained mind!

If your mind can be so trained to observe mundane things, it can also be renewed with the truth of God’s Word till you experience a changed and transformed destiny; praise God! All you need to do is take the mind where you want it to go, and after a while, the mind will take up the responsibility to take you where you’ve always wanted to go!

Have you been blessed by this article? Please don’t go without leaving a comment below. Helping you to live a responsible life one earth is my goal. Share your mind with me; and stay blessed!

The article you just read is an excerpt from my eBook: How To Transform Your Destiny. To order for this book, please click on the book image below.

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