Hello my good friends. In this article, I want to help you see the 3 top reasons why you keep doing the things you don’t want to do – that is, the things you hate doing or the things you would desperately love to stop doing. This includes bad habits such as  addiction to alcohol, masturbation, excessive anger, unhealthy spending habit and what have you! I believe you are curious to now the reasons why you’ve been vulnerable to these things, and this article will open your eyes to the real enemy behind your addictions and other ugly behaviours and misdemeanors.

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#1: You Are Ignorant of the Laws That Govern You

The first reason why people keep doing what they hate and can’t seem to stop is because, they are IGNORANT of the laws and principles that govern human behaviour. This ignorance is what is responsible for every unwanted human behaviour! By way of illustration, think of any device that you make use of in your day to day affair. Think about a smart phone for instance. That phone operates based on certain laws and principles; and if you violate any of these laws, the phone will start malfunctioning.

By the same token, ignorance is not an excuse when it comes to human behaviour; as long as you violate laws and principles that govern human behaviour, there is bound to be some repercussion!

In my book, How To Transform Your Destiny, I stated that one major law that governs human behaviour is what I call the law of Hear-See-and-Do. This law states that what you hear is what you see, and what you see is what you do. This means if your source of information (the source of what you hear) is in line with what will not help your destiny, that is what you will keep seeing; and as long as you keep seeing it, you have no choice but to keep doing it!

I remember reading of a professor whose area of specialization is in helping people addicted to child molestation. This professor had studied countless cases of child molestation, and had offered counseling to many victims. However, it got to a time in this professor’s career that he started having a pull to sexually molest little children! He became afraid for his life and he sought for help real quick.

Unknown to this professor, he was ignorantly getting addicted to the various books and movies he had read and watched on child molestation that all he heard and saw were images of children being molested; until that thing got hold of him and he wanted to start doing the same thing as the victims he had once helped.

If all you hear is about sex and sex-related subjects, that’s all you will see; and that’s what you will eventually do. If you are addicted to the television, the likelihood is that your source of hearing is 100% from the television.

This is one of the laws that govern human behaviour, of which most people are ignorant. They keep feeding themselves with negative and destructive information, not knowing they are ignorantly setting a law in motion. This is number one reason why you keep doing what you hate.

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#2: You Believe You Were Born To Be Like That

The second reason why you keep doing what you hate is because, you’ve been made to believe in a lie. What lie is that? You believe you were born to be the way you are; to keep doing what you do and that you cannot make any changes. The first area I touch when having counseling sessions with people that battle with one area of addiction or the other is to disabuse their mind from the belief that they cannot make a change.

Some years ago, a young man in his late teens visited my office for a counseling session. He had been battling with being gay since he was in the secondary school. At the time he visited me, he was already in the university, and one of the executives in his christian fellowship. However, he just didn’t know how to stop the dirty homosexual habit he was enmeshed in. One of the questions he put to me was, “Did God create some people that way, such that they don’t have a say in their sexual orientation?” Of course, my answer to him was a big “NO”!

It is a big lie that has destroyed many a life. You see, the truth is that, God didn’t create anybody to behave in certain ways such that they cannot alter their lifestyle. You were not created a programmed person. Rather, you were created a programmable being. You can keep reprogramming or readjusting yourself till you become the person God wants you to be.

Say this out loud: “I am not permanently programmed; I can adjust my lifestyle.” Say it over and again till it registers with your subconscious mind. God never created anybody to behave in a certain way. Our human behaviours are informed by our choices, whether knowingly or ignorantly.

The good news is, you are not doomed to be gay. You are not destined to die a gigolo or an alcoholic. Until you change your belief that you were born with certain behavioural pattern, you will keep doing what you hate.

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#3: You Seek For Help in the Wrong Places

The third reason why you keep doing what you hate is because, you keep seeking for help in the wrong places. The young man who visited my office as I stated in Reason #2 above, had earlier visited so many places in search of help, but to no avail! Each of those people he had gone to meet had proffered one solution or the other, but nothing seemed to walk.

Until you agree with the first two reasons earlier discussed, by knowing the laws that govern your behaviour and also by disabusing your mind from the belief that you are destined to behave the way you do, every counsel you receive from any source will only be tantamount to a hill of beans — it will be of no good! The young man in question was even told by some counselors to fast for many days, among other things. While there is nothing wrong with fasting, you need to realize that fasting alone doesn’t solve any problem.

Stop consulting with people who will merely compound your problems. When people bombard you with a barrage of things to do to get free from a predicament, just know you are in the wrong place. Where is the right place to seek for help? I have discussed this in detail in my eBook: How To Transform Your Destiny.  To purchase this eBook, simply click on the book image shown below.

Were you blessed by this article? Please let me hear from you by leaving your comments below. Remain blessed!


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