Are you the driver of your destiny-car, or you’ve allowed someone else take over the driver’s seat? In this article, I want to show you how disastrous it is to hire a driver to drive your destiny-car. Majority of the people aren’t realizing a great destiny. You know why? Someone else, other than themselves, is occupying the driver’s seat of their destiny-car! This is why I want to show you 3 strategies for sacking every alien driver, and take charge of your destiny-car by yourself. Let’s get started.

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1. Take Charge of Your Thought Life

The first strategy for taking the driver’s seat of your destiny-car is to take charge of your thought life. When I say your thought life, I’m referring to your mind. Unknown to many people,  a person’s mind is the control wheel of their destiny. Where the mind goes, the man follows!

The Bible says in Proverbs 23:7, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…” Your mind is the seat of your thought life, and until you are in charge or in control of your mind, you cannot take charge of your destiny. How do you take charge of your mind? It is by taking control of your thought life. How do you take control of your thought life? You take charge of your thought life through “thought conditioners”.

Thought conditioners help you select the type of thoughts that are permitted to stay on your mind per time, while restricting unwanted thoughts at the same time. There are 8 Thought Conditioners that can empower you to take charge of your thought life; which I’ve discussed in another article (you can click here to read it). If you can master your thought life, you will not allow strange “drivers” like sexual immorality, poverty, hatred or addiction to stay on your driver’s seat. Rather, you will be in charge. This is why it’s necessary to renew your mind with the thought conditioners today!

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2. Watch What You Say

The second strategy for taking the driver’s seat of your destiny-car is to watch what you say. Why must you watch what you say? The reason is because, positive or negative, your life will go in the direction of what you say. Note I didn’t say your life will go in the direction of what people say about you. No. I said your life will go in the direction of what you say.

In Mark 11:23 Jesus said that you will have whatever you say, as long as it proceeds from your heart. If you keep saying something long enough, no matter how trivial it may seem, you will start to mean what you say, because it will be coming from your heart. The consequence is that you will have what you say. If your life is not where it is supposed to be today, the first area to check is in the words you speak.

Sometime ago, news made the rounds about a policeman, who shot and killed two blood brothers before turning the gun to himself, and killing himself too. People that knew that policeman reported that after being drunk everyday, he was fond of saying, “I feel like killing someone today, and killing myself too.” Or he would point the gun at innocent people and threaten them, “I will kill you and kill myself.”  The deed was done on a terrible day, when in his usual way, he had pointed the gun at two blood brothers. As they attempted to run for their lives, this policeman shot them one after the other, killing them on the spot; before people could get there, he had shot himself in the head and died.

Now, here is my point. Unknown to that policeman, he had given the driver’s seat of his destiny-car to another driver, and guess who that driver was — death! Little did he know his destiny had been hijacked by death and destruction, until he was driven to peril. What about you? Do you just open your mouth to say anything, not minding the consequences?

Whether you like it or not, you will have what you say. In order to be in charge of your destiny-car, you must stay at the driver’s seat by speaking words in line with a great destiny!

3. Your Actions Must Correspond With Your Words

The third strategy for taking the driver’s seat of your destiny-car is to ensure your words and actions correspond. The reason is because, a person whose actions are contrary to his words is self-deceived! For instance, it is one thing to say you want to be rich and become great, while it is another thing for your actions to portray riches and greatness. In other words, if you always confess riches and greatness, do you act the same way?

What time do you get up from bed? What type of friends do you walk with? Do you invest your money on assets or spend it on liabilities? It’s high time you realized that your daily actions are a reflection of the direction in which your destiny is headed. If you are fond of saying one thing, while your actions portray something entirely different from what you say, your are setting up confusion as the driver of your destiny-car!

Take another instance. Do you know that not up to 20% of the people who say they want good health and long life actually act in line with what they say? It is evident they are merely wishing to have good health and live long. They don’t exercise their bodies, neither do they eat healthy foods. What is more, they don’t do anything to portray that Jesus has healed them more than 2000 years ago. Until your actions correspond with your words, other strange forces will keep driving your destiny in the wrong direction!

Has this article blessed you in any way? Or do you have any area where you want me to give you further counsel? Please don’t hesitate to drop your comment below.

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