In this article, I want to show you the top 5 reasons why women are smarter in many aspects of life. Without any argument, it is obvious that women are powerful creatures. Research has shown they can be smarter and perform better than men in many areas of life. You want to know why this is so? Then follow me as I show you 5 major reasons why women deliver better results.

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Reason #1: Women Are Deep Thinkers

One of the top 5 reasons why women are smarter is because, they are deep thinkers. Have you realized that if you want to achieve something real quick, without weighing the consequences of your actions, you should not get a woman involved? The reason is, a woman thinks deeply, weighing the pros and cons of any action she wants to take before ever stepping out. While men are very energetic and dynamic, they do not think as deeply on any matter, as women do. This is arguable though, but it’s worth considering!

You can do a flashback to the time you were growing up as a child. Who among your parents exhibited much caution? Wasn’t it your mother? That proves my point here. When you involve women in affairs, it may appear time is being wasted, because they seem to prevent quick and rash actions; but the end always justifies the means, because the best results we get as a result of women’s deep thinking eventually make them smarter at the end!

This explains the reason women seldom invest in shady businesses that flop. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying women are perfect. But statistics show that for every mistake a woman makes in decision-making under a given condition, a man would make ten mistakes under the same condition! So women are smarter because they are deep thinkers. Read more of this in my book: Women Are Simply the Best
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Reason #2: Women Are Motivated By the Love Emotions

The second reason why women are smarter is because, an average woman of dignity rarely gets carried away by sentiments and bigotry. Rather, a noble woman is motivated by the love emotion. While men tend to get carried away by what they see and what they feel; a woman is only moved by deep-seated care and affection. This is the reason women appear smarter in choosing who to marry, or who to be friends with.

An average man often gets carried away by how curvy and sexy a woman looks, and they regret their actions later on in life. In my book, Women Are Simply the Best, I made it clear how a good woman wants to know how much a man loves her. She wants to know if a man would treat her as the only queen he’s got, and not just one of his properties!

This explains the reason why noble women value love more than gifts and material things. They prefer to stick with men who love and care for them through the thick and thin; than men who replace love with with money and flashy gifts. This is one top reason why women are smarter!

Reason #3: Women Are Great Observers

When my wife and I were courting, the first quality I discovered about her was that she was very observant. She could tell me the cloth I wore on certain days which I could not personally remember. She observed things to the point of knowing what type of shirt and tie I wore to certain events that took place many months earlier! I discovered this is common with most women.

That is one reason women don’t joke with landmark dates such birthdays, wedding dates, and things of that nature. I must be perfectly honest with you that when it comes to being observant, women are a lot smarter than men! This quality can do a lot of good if you are sorrounded by women of worth. They will never allow good things to bypass you, because they are too observant to be negligent!

Reason #4: Women Are Great Listeners

The number four reason why womenh are smarter is because they are great listeners. Corporate executives cannot do without women’s inputs in their day to day affairs. The reason is, women have been found to be clever listeners. Do you realise that if you promise a little girl something, she is very likely not to forget that thing even in the next ten years? This applies to women of all age groups.

Apart from remembering promises made to them, women can remember details of any meeting or speech, even days after the speech was delivererd. If you have noble women in your organsation, you don’t have to keep a diary. They are enough diaries themselves! Why is this so? It is because women are great listeners, and they don’t forget things easily. Even in churches, the great listeners you have around are women. This is one major reason why women are smarter!

Reason #5: Women Are More Compassionate

The number five reason why women are smarter is because, they are more compassionate. Why do you think kids bond more intimately with their mothers? The reason is because, naturally, women are compassionate in nature. My mum is a very strict teacher. She is a university don at this writing. When I was growing up with my siblings, I knew my mum to be a strict disciplinarian as a lecturer.

Students know she could be so tough to deal with. However, when an average student faces serious threats on campus, especially pertaining to being rusticated from the university or having to deal with victimization from other lecturers, guess to whom they run for help! Regardless of how strict she could be, my mum becomes so compassionate to help any student get out of troubles. This is one thing I’ve noticed about noble women generally, and it is one of the reasons they are smarter!

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