Happy are those servants whom the master finds fulfilling their responsibilities when he comes —Matt. 24:46 CEB

I ONCE STUMBLED on a simple definition of a responsible person; it so much blessed me that I will repeat it verbatim for the purpose of this study. It reads: A responsible person is one who can be trusted to act without needing strict supervision, because they are accountable for their own behavior (see Matt. 24:46 CEB).

The purpose of this study is to awaken people to recognize and do away with an age-long enemy of progress and development called irresponsibility. In my study of the Word of God, backed by many years of experience in the faith, I have come to realize that one of the major setbacks of the human race is irresponsibility.

As a matter of fact, the Lord once said something to me along this line during a time of prayer. He said, “Since the fall of Adam, an average person on earth has become irresponsible, until they prove otherwise.” This has formed the basis of my judgment of people.

When you come in contact with someone for the first time, assume they are irresponsible until they prove otherwise by their consistent responsible actions.

CONFESSION: I realise that by default, an average human being is irresponsible. Their “response-ability” to God and mankind is poor. However, I choose to be sensitive to God and mankind.


Pastor Goodman's The Power of Opportunity

The Power of Opportunity – (Book Advert)

Hello my friend, I’m D. J. Goodman, a Pastor, author and Responsibility Coach. My assignment is to teach people the GRACE of God that will empower them build the right and best RESPONSE-ABILITY in every circumstance of life so that they become highly RESPONSIBLE and true representatives of Christ wherever they find themselves.

I have run with this mandate for more than 2 decades, with countless lives being transformed forever!

One of the ways I train people to have the right and best RESPONSE-ABILITY to life is through anointed and inspirational books; and in the last two decades, I have written more than 80 book titles to that effect.

One of such destiny-moulding books is THE POWER OF OPPORTUNITY. This 160-page book is one of the best books I have ever written, which exposes you to the grace of God that empowers you to experience diverse promotions in all your endeavours.

Lessons in THE POWER OF OPPORTUNITY include:

  • God promotes His children through the power of opportunity
  • Opportunity means right place, right time
  • The widow that seized the power of opportunity
  • A prostitute whose destiny changed through the power of opportunity
  • 5 types of opportunity
  • 10 ways to recognize opportunity
  • And lots more
  • THE POWER OF OPPORTUNITY is available both in the E-Book and Hard Copy versions.
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Pastor Goodman's Responsible Christian Club

Responsible Christian Club – (Partnership)

Hello my good friend. I want to invite you to become one of my ministry partners who join hands with me to do the work. This is why I want you also to be a member of RESPONSIBLE CHRISTIAN CLUB

So what is Responsible Christian Club?

Responsible Christian Club is the partnership group consisting of matured and responsible Christians, who join hands with Pastor Goodman and his wife to fulfil their ministry. Members of Responsible Christian Club partner with Pastor Goodman on two major grounds which are:

  1. The monthly regular partnership contributions starting from N2,000 (or $5) and above
  2. Occasional Projects Sponsorship: Which entails partners picking one of the ongoing projects at Goodmans World of Inspirations that they can sponsor, aside from their regular monthly contributions.

I encourage you to join the Responsible Christian Club today and start at the REGULAR MONTHLY PARTNERSHIP level. Once you agree to partner with me to reach more people who will be empowered by GRACE to live highly responsible lives for GO don earth, I will send you a thank you package, which includes two past issues of my monthly publication, RESPONSIBILITY CAPSULES and an audio message.

To learn more about Responsible Christian Club,

  • Please visit my website at: goodmansworld.org/rcc
  • Call or send sms to: 090 980 56709
  • Or send an email with the subject “RCC” to: sosoresponsible@gmail.com




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